1. Don't Mind Me

From the recording Disasterpiece Theatre

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Don't Mind Me

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don't mind me and I won't mind you

so I've never been one to keep in touch
I'm the one that waits for planets to align
but give it time, it won't mean so much
we're all becoming comfortably resigned

and it's just like the day before, but I'm not the odd one anymore

and all the missionaries, salesmen too
the doctors and the long-lost friends, and even you
you can try your best through a dim-lit screen
to tell me what I'm missing and what it really means
but my cave is warm, sealed up tight
you won't catch me on the capitol steps putting up a fight

they used to bother me, running around this city
all dolled up pretty like they're going somewhere
but they don't no more - because they can't no more
the anxieties are just memories
they don't bother me - they can't no more
so shine on, shut in
shine on
these are the golden days

I will not be home this summer
I will not be home this fall
I will not be home for the holidays
I will not be home at all