1. Leave Me Low

From the recording Disasterpiece Theatre

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Leave Me Low

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do you really want the explanation?
are you ready for the truth to show?
didn't the party take your invitation?
didn't the winner show you how to roll
or did they leave you low?

so low, so low

when there's a target on your back, doesn't matter if you're bad or good
and when you're taking the attack, doesn't matter if you think you should
now I'm a target, another bad dream
another bad word kills another love scene
you taught me not to fear, you can't scare me
you can't scare me
so will you leave me low?

and I know that I should shut my mouth
I know that I should let it go
but I kinda want to make it worse
I kinda want the world to know
they never really bring you back
they never really bring you home
you're in the belly of the airplane
miles above the world below

if you could do it again
do the damage again
feed the fire again
if you could do it again
would you leave me low?

I swear this isn't all I know