She says she loves the unfashionable way
You think of melodies and words to say
It'll come back around, for sure
Look at how the kids love dinosaurs
So keep singing like you're gonna be heard
Keep writing like we read your words
She's young, but she seems sincere
And so it's worth another year

Now gather round, family, and listen to my song
I've been piecing it together since before you were young
And I'm pushing on forever, only question is:
Who's gonna pay for this?

The welfare, the schoolyard, the bomb scares, the shit cards you're dealt
(suck it up, get through it)
The lost friends, the arcade, the frayed ends, never making the grade
(suck it up, get through it)
The long nights, the lost cause, the fistfights, all the fatal flaws
(suck it up, get through it)
The hare-brain, the poor health, and every last attempt to get rid of myself

So sit yourself down, you'll be here awhile
Nine more to go, all rank and file
Burn me in love, drown me in fear
Here's to the end of a dogshit year

Could you please turn away from the mirror?
Were you still getting younger?
Are you planning on shaking up the game?
I hope that you're plenty resilient
Still making room for the millions
And the twenty or so that were born on third base