I remember when we first met, before we knew it was such a mess
One leaded, desperate harmony and I was the answer to everything
Rolling in on a Sunset train, out of the ether into my veins
To that place where hope eternal springs
I was the answer to everything

And I feel like I've been through this once before, but it's okay now

So now I'm talking the trouble down, while you wind up and double down
To that place where paranoia springs
You've got an answer for everything
And I'm on a long, long list - how do you find so many narcissists?
But of all of the sociopaths you've kissed
I was the answer to everything

Even the doctor said to barricade the door, but it's okay now
Hey now

How did a late night call pin me against this wall?
How do the things that drove you mad become the everything you have to have?
Maybe you'll find some peace in that meditation
In the heat of a Mexican beach on your next vacation
Maybe you just need sleep and medication
But please, you don't need me

I remember when we first met, and now we get to get over it
We'll get around to forgetting it
You'll be all right, you're a pretty girl
You'll pull another out of the world
You'll get your way, you'll get that ring
He'll be the answer to everything